# Pace not Race

Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child.

The Green Wave program is designed to ensure we suit the needs of the modern player (and parents!).

All children will be provided with the encouragement they need to develop at their own pace, in a positive environment.

We are fully insured and all our coaching staff are highly qualified and experienced.

How Green Wave Soccer works


Get Started
Browse our year round schedule and flexible membership options.


Pick a start date
New players are always welcome at Green Wave. Simply choose a start date that works for your family’s schedule.


Our 24/7 online booking system has been built with you in mind and our Customer Service Team are always on hand to provide prompt answers to any of your questions


Have fun joining in at an early years toddler class or enjoy supporting your child (or children!) and their team from the side lines as they progress through the program. Meet other like-minded families at our sessions that take place in our handpicked, soccer friendly venues.


Plans Change
No problem.. Simply cancel/reschedule your class credit to use another day via our user friendly website (We just require 3 hours notice before the start of the class to ensure the coaches are informed). Our helpful website makes your life easier and there will be no more penalties for missed sessions when your plans change or little ones are unwell.