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# Sportsmanship

Fair and generous behaviour or treatment of others”

Our Goals

  • Fun filled and progressive soccer sessions
  • Active in our local community
  • Convenience for busy families
  • Team appreciation for a friendly and welcoming environment
  • Supportive and enthusiastic soccer coaching

How Green Wave Soccer Works

Get Started
Browse our online schedule and find a class location and timing which suits you and your family.
New soccer players are welcome anytime at Green Wave. Our online booking system has been built with you in mind and our Customer Service Team are always on hand to provide prompt answers to any of your questions.
Have fun joining in with your toddler at an early-years class or enjoy supporting your child (or children!) and their team from the side lines.
Plans Change
No problem. If your child is unable to attend a class due to sickness or vacation simply contact your local class coordinator to discuss our make-up session policy.